Čezeta's newly restored 'Wikov' factory in Prostějov, Czech Republic.

Čezeta Motors s.r.o.

Tax id: CZ29132070

Registered office: Polska 16, Prague 120 00. CZ

Čezeta Owner's Club in historic stables in Mirošovice, Prague East, Czech Republic.

Čezeta Club and Showroom

The Čezeta Club (ČC) is based in Mirosovice, Prague East and is dedicated to the needs of current and future owners of Čezeta. If you own one of these fine motorcycle scooters - or are contemplating the purchase of one - please contact us on sales@cezeta.com to register your details. There is no fee for joining.

The Club is dedicated to serving the needs and interests of our members. As a Čezeta owner you are entitled to visit anytime, please see the map below for how to get to us. Membership of the Club provides you access to a vast technical section, a supply of vintage parts and can offer advice on restoring vintage Čezeta scooters. The ČC organises and annual Meet, including scenic rides, gymkhana. concours and other social and competitive events. The Club store also offers a wide range of accessories carrying the Čezeta logo. All members receive newsletter carries news and articles of interest to members as well as a news of upcoming events. We also have a Facebook page.

Perhaps most importantly, the ČC is a club for those who enjoy the rare and remarkable.

We look forward to welcoming you in the near future.

Neil Eamonn Smith


  (420) 777 046 047

Neil Eamonn Smith

"Running Čezeta is more or less realising my childhood dream. My first business was restoring old bicycles when I was 12 and I restored my first vintage car when I was 17. I sold my Vespa after I saw my first Čezeta and have spent many subsequent years renovating scooters and learning about conversions to electric power. I'm honoured to continue the development of this iconic scooter."


  (420) 724 022 334

Matej Oliva

"Matej manages the strategy for sales. He has 10 years experience in the motorcycle industry and his expert knowledge enables us to find and develop industry-best solutions. His favourite English word is Whisky which is something I think we all can understand."


  (420) 737 552 556

Jacy Meyer

"An American Media Relations graduate and a true glutton for punishment, Jacy has worked for me for many, many years using her media relations and social media skills. She's one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Get in touch and you'll see for yourself."


  (420) 774 747 787

Lucie Smith

"Lucie makes sure all goes smoothly with payments to and from our company. She has been working in accounting firms for many years. When she is not working, you'll find her riding on horseback. (But we're working on getting her on something faster and safer like our motorbike!)"

How to find us at the Čezeta Club

We are located in the countryside 20km outside Prague and can be reached by car on the D1 (exit 21) or by train from Prague's main train station (Hlavni Nadrazi). Parking is available in front of the gates.

Čezeta's newly restored 'Wikov' factory in Prostějov, Czech Republic.

Čezeta Factory

Čezeta located to the former Wikov factory at the start of 2017 in order to begin production of the Type 506. The complex stretches over 2000m2 and includes special facilities for welding, painting, assembly and testing. In the same complex we support a local mechanical engineering school where we train the next generation of Čezeta craftsmen.


  (420) 602 652 951

Martin Parák

"Martin is in charge of our factory in Prostějov and together we will successfully deliver the Type 506. He has a rapidly expanding team of skilled workers that together can currently hand-build a new 506 every 2 days. Despite being Moravian, he's a great Scottish patriot, owns his own kilt and I even bought him bagpipe lessons for Christmas."


  (420) 601 089 144

Vít Přecechtěl

"Many years working for a firm restoring veteran vehicles to show-winning standards makes Vít perfect for ensuring the quality of our motorcycles matches the high expectations people have of Čezeta. I'm shaving his beard off when we have sold all 600 bikes of the 60th Anniversary series."

How to find us at the Čezeta Factory

Our factory is close to the centre of Prostějov, a few minutes off the D46 motorway (Exit 24) north of Brno. Parking is available directly in the factory yard.