Our Traditions

"Simple and fun", this has been the Čezeta philosophy for over 60 years. It comes from Jaroslav František Koch - motorcycle racer and supreme engineer who designed the first Čezeta 501.

The Čezeta Koch created became an icon of motorcycle design, instantly recognisable for its extreme aerodynamic streamlining that captured the spirit of the 1950s 'space age'. Everything about his design exhibited revolutionary thinking to fulfill the promise of a convenient and easy to use motorcycle. For Czechoslovaks, the distinctive rounded front instantly inspired the bike's affectionate nickname of 'The Pig', in other countries it became known as 'the Torpedo' or 'the Rocket'. Its unconventional looks charmed the world and over 100,000 Čezeta were sold until mass production ended in the mid-1960s.

Today Čezeta continues as a pioneering 'electric-only' motorcycle manufacturer, based in the historical Wikov factory in Prostějov and with a sales office in the centre of Prague. The latest Čezeta model - the 'Type 506 - was launched in 2018 and holds an important place in history as the first road legal electric vehicle to be manufactured in the Czech Republic. In every way, it embodies Koch's founding principles of applying revolutionary solutions aimed to make a motorcycle that is both a joy to ride and effortless to own.

Our Mission

Neil Eamonn Smith

"Being part of Čezeta's team is a lot of fun because we work making something that is simply designed to bring joy to people.

Our work is all aimed to finding new innovative ways to create a motorcycle that is easy to enjoy - and ultimately to fulfill the mission I set for the company when I started as CEO, to make the world's most desirable scooter.

You can see how the latest Type 506 adheres to JF Koch’s iconic design, and with the help of modern electric technologies, top quality components and the skills of our Czech engineers it's built to look to the future.

Charming, sexy, seductive.. however you say it, what is true is that it's like nothing else. With Čezeta, you can really stand out from the crowd."

Model History

The vintage models of Čezeta.



The first model was a completely revolutionary design and quickly became an iconic design amongst motorcycle scooters.



The second generation brought more new innovations, including the first dynamostarter.



The last mass-produced Čezeta was a three-wheeler for light commercial work.