Czech-Made excellence since 1957

Inspired by the space-age, Čezeta's history started at a time of post-war optimism when Czechoslovakia was the world's greatest motorcycle producer. It's radical design comes from Jaroslav František Koch - motorcycle racer and engineer who designed the first Čezeta called the Type 501.

The Čezeta Koch created is an iconice design through eastern Europe, Russia, Vietnam and Cuba. Recognisable for its rocket streamlining that captured the spirit of the 1950s space age, everything about his design exhibited modernist principles, the promise for young Czechoslovaks at the time of winning the prestigious Expo 58. At home in Prague, the big bike gave it its luxurious nickname: 'The Pig', being a fair comparison to Italy's diminutive Vespa or 'Wasp'.

Its looks charmed the world, over 120,000 were sold, even despite its price being twice that of a Vespa. Many still exist as their build has proved to fulfil the modernist promise of quality above all else.

With the Type 506, Čezeta relaunched as one of Europe's first electric motorcycle business. It has a place in history as the first production electric vehicle to be manufactured in the Czech Republic. It has EU homologation and the 300 bikes planned for 2019 are planned to export in Western Europe. A maximum of 2, 000 of this type will be manufactured in the three years from 2018 to 2021, after which the design will be retired and replaced with a modernised Type 507.

Our Concepts

Neil Eamonn Smith

"Inspiration for our work is the use of those original modernist philosophies about high quality and technological development. We use these ideas to create and sell the world's most desirable scooter, refined to its simplest, most exquisite form.

What's particularly important is our role in helping to promote using electric motorbikes, even if you don't buy one of our Čezeta. Forget electric cars - sorry, Elon - their batteries are way too heavy, but electric motorbikes are light and can be even run fossil-free from using your solar panels at home. This is the future of emission free sustainable (and fun) travel.


The biggest reward in my job is when I hear from owners about how much they love their Čezeta. They call their bike charming, sexy, and seductive, just what you'd expect from a luscious Pig. Each owner treats their bike as a treasured product - and in a grey world, it's a beautiful thing to see and be seen on. I look forward to welcoming you to our club of Čezeta owners!


Model History

The four manufactured models of Čezeta. Type's 503 and Type 504 were abandoned as prototypes.



The first model, a revolutionary design that became an icon of the 'Brussels style' of the time. With fondly remembered rubber blocks used for suspension.



The second generation brought many new innovations, including proper suspension, higher performace and an exciting innovation that is standard today - a starter motor.



The last mass-produced Čezeta was a three-wheeler for village farmer's work. Czechs call it 'the rickshaw'.