Eternal Style

Inspired by the space-age, Čezeta's history started in 1957 at the time of post-war optimism when Czechoslovakia was the world's greatest motorcycle producer. It's radically unique design comes from Jaroslav František Koch - motorcycle racer and engineer who designed the first Čezeta called the Type 501.

The Čezeta Koch created is an iconic design over eastern Europe, Russia, Vietnam and Cuba, it was the communist world's Vespa. Recognisable for its rocket look it captured the spirit of the 1950s space age just as American tailfins did in the west. Everything about his design exhibited modernist principles, the promise for young Czechoslovaks of a bright future after winning Expo 58. At home in Prague, this limousine of a scooter gave it its nickname: 'The Pig', being a fair comparison to Italy's diminutive Vespa or 'Wasp'.

Its looks charmed the world, over 120,000 have been sold, despite its price being twice that of average scooters. Many of these vintage bikes still exist as their build has proved that modernist promise of highly-skilled craftsmen unburdened by financial constraints putting quality above all else.

In 2013 Čezeta began a project to launch the first electric motorcycle scooter 'made to the best European quality'. After 4 years of development, the Type 506 was launched on the 60th Anniversary of the 1957 launch of the Type 501. It is the first electric vehicle ever to be manufactured in the Czech Republic and has full EU homologation (L3e-A1). Only 2,000 of this model will be made - the number being a symbol of the new century and new thinking - before the vintage design will be retired.

Already plans are in place to develop a new modernised vision of Čezeta as the Type 507, launching in 2021. However this develops, it will stay true to our ideals of unrivalled craftsmanship and bespoke manufacturing for those who value authenticity and rarity.

21st Century Transport

Neil Eamonn Smith

"My reason for developing the Type 506 was to give life back to Čezeta's original principles about high quality production and technological development. In our throwaway world, bringing back these concepts is more important than ever if we are to build a sustainable future.

Electrification was a natural development for Čezeta. It gives the bike thrilling torque in utter silence. Combined with a personal touch that we offer as a low-volume manufacturer means luxury service is guaranteed.

In this way, I believe we've created the world's most desirable scooter, refined to its simplest, most exquisite form. And the biggest reward is when I hear from owners about how much they love their Čezeta. They call them charming, sexy, and seductive. Each owner treats their bike as a treasured product - and in a grey world, it's a beautiful thing to be seen on.

Even if you don't buy one of our electric Čezeta, at least buy an electric motorcycle and not an electric car - sorry, Elon :(

The first half of the 21st century is a time for us to reshape our lifestyles to prioritise sustainability, and that means accepting that cars - whether diesel, petrol or electric - belong to the last century when we had abundant resources to waste. Now it's time to change to more efficient transport and make electric motorbikes the future... they are small and light and can be powered fossil-free from your home's solar panels. For the odd time you need a car, join a local sharing scheme!

Pollution and resource over-exploitation are big challenges. I hope that Čezeta will inspire you by offering a sustainable business model we need to solve them."

Model History

The four manufactured models of Čezeta.



The first model, a revolutionary design that became an icon of the 'Brussels style' of the time. A rare example of a luxury product from a communist country.



The second generation brought many new innovations, including proper suspension, higher performace and an exciting innovation that is standard today - a starter motor.



The enduring Čezeta 'rickshaw' was a long-lasting curiosity as the luxury 502 was transformed into production for farm workers.