Designed for Effortless Enjoyment

Effortless enjoyment, this has been the Čezeta philosophy for over 60 years. It comes from the person who created the first scooter to bear the Čezeta name: Jaroslav František Koch. He was an adventurer, a motorcycle racer, and a supreme engineer. From this experience came his first Čezeta scooter, which he called the 'Type 501'.

His Čezeta is instantly recognisable; his use of aerodynamic streamlining captured the spirit of the 1950s 'space age' and conjured up dreams of riding a rocket to the stars. Everything about the design was revolutionary to meet it's aim to be simple, practical and comfortable for two riders. For Czechoslovaks, the distinctive rounded front instantly inspired the bike's enduring nickname of 'The Pig'.

Its unconventional looks charmed the world, and his Čezeta was sold in thousands all over the Communist world during the 1950s and 1960s. Being deemed too technologically advanced to export to the western world they remained rare in other countries outside the Soviet bloc. Many thousands of these fans around the world still ride their vintage Čezeta as a testament to its legendary build-quality.

Today Čezeta operates as a small-series manufacturer in the famous 'Wikov' factory in Prostějov. This was once the factory where 'the Rolls Royce of Czechoslovakia' was produced in the 1930s and is a fitting home for production of the current Čezeta scooter - the 'Type 506'. In every way, this embodies JF Koch's underlying principles of developing revolutionary solutions aimed to make a motorcycle that is a joy to ride and effortless to own.

Innovation to Inspire

Neil Eamonn Smith

"The new Type 506 is bursting with new electric motor technologies. These are all aimed at one thing... your heart. It's here you feel the joy of riding something so thrilling, yet so easy to control. It's been the work of over 30 engineers for more than 3 years to design, build and gain EU registration for the Type 506 and through this time it's been my job as CEO to ensure that our Čezeta principles are creating the concepts we use.

There's been so many decisions, many of them were wrong. But the innovations we've developed as a result means the Type 506 can claim to be the best Čezeta so far - faithful to the original design idioms and contours but with new technologies that make it far easier to own than ever. On behalf of everyone who has worked on the 506, I wish you many fun, enjoyable journeys riding it."

Čezeta's Home

Čezeta's workshops are located in the former 'Wikov' factory in Prostějov, Czech Republic. In the 1930s, this was home to manufacturing the so-called 'Rolls Royce of Czechoslovakia' and today serves for all our frame manufacturing, painting, assembly and testing. An on-site engineering school is where we train the next generation of mechanics in the 'Čezeta philosophy'.

Čezeta's newly restored 'Wikov' factory in Prostějov, Czech Republic.

Martin Parák

Vít Přecechtěl

We are close to the centre of Prostějov, a few minutes off the D46 motorway (Exit 24) north of Brno. Parking is available directly in the factory yard.