"It is when we look to the future as we remember the past."    J.F. Koch.

From the first concept in the 1940’s to the first Čezeta in 1957, Čezeta’s constructor understood the importance of design, simplicity and durability, to always make the best of everything. These principles are what drive us every day in our continuing pursuit of perfection. The Čezeta offers a unique experience, from the first moment.

All stories have a beginning, let us tell you ours.

The first models, instantly recognisable by the elongated Čezeta shape, like a missile, the Type 501 and 502 two-stroke 175cc scooters were assembled in the workshops of Česká Zbrojovka Strakonice (CZ), a company famous after WWII for the production of motorcycles.

Čezeta scooters were raced for fun and after prestigious victories in 250cc and 350 cc Grand Prix competition between 1950 and 1960, the Čezeta name became recognisable around the world. For the Čezeta engineers, this success was the result of a passion for the creation of a single vehicle, simple and sporty, able to last forever like a diamond.

60 years of fun
Celebrate the 60th anniversary of Čezeta with us.

The beautifully sculpted Type 506 is available in a choice of two models, ten colours and a range of accessories. Each 506 will be hand-built to customer specifications at our factory in the Czech Republic using high quality components and materials developed by or for Čezeta Motors. In addition, each 506 will be serial numbered #1 to #600.