How Čezeta's Concepts Come into Existence

Čezeta is best expressed by our attitude - we challenge convention, it is the solution to how we make progress by looking at something altogether different. The philosophy we follow is how we develop these concepts. This ideal has led us not only to design an unconventional streamlined bike for superior performance, but to unite performance with controllability to make it practical and simple to use.

The Čezeta philosophy started in 1957 and comes from the person who created the very first scooter to bear the Čezeta name: Jaroslav František Koch. An adventurer, a motorcycle racer, and a supreme engineer, he defined the Čezeta in his first Type 501. His principle of giving pleasure to riders was fulfilled by space-age design, engaging performance and legendary reliability.

The latest model is the Type 506. It was created by British EV pioneer Neil Eamonn Smith and is the first ever electric vehicle to be produced in the Czech Republic. His aim - as ever - remains to be true to Čezeta's promise of using unconventional approaches to build the world's most desirable scooter.


Neil Smith on a Cezeta type 506
Type 506 Constructor - Neil Eamonn Smith


Why Čezeta is for You

cezeta scooter history

For Style

A Čezeta is incredibly rare yet instantly recognisable with its trademarked rocket design idiom and silhouettes. It is a manifestation of Prague's Bohemian style and an unconventional attitude to life.

cezeta scooter history

For Fun

Motorcycles offer a way to truly transform your journeys by having your senses engaged, your pulse excited, a spark in your eye and a smile on your face. As far as possible, everything is automated on a Čezeta so you can focus on this blissful riding pleasure.

cezeta scooter heritage

For Quality

We offer the opposite of 'planned obsolescence'... we only ever want to sell you one Čezeta and we hope it lasts you a lifetime.

  "Forget the Model S. We want this electric scooter instead."  Outside magazine