What Makes You Happy

Our passion is to bring you a joyful lifestyle. It's been Čezeta's inspiration for more than 60 years. It is in every detail of all our work and why we want to make a motorcycle for you.

The philosophy comes from the person who created the very first scooter to bear the Čezeta name: Jaroslav František Koch. An adventurer, a motorcycle racer, and a rocker of the Hugh Hefner look, he defined the Čezeta's principles of giving pleasure in terms of innovative design, engaging performance and ultra-reliable operation.

J.F. Koch
Type 501 & 502 Constructor - J.F. Koch
1962 Type 502
1962 Type 502

Koch's first Čezeta motorcycle scooter began development in 1949 at a time when Czechoslovakia was the world's largest producer of motorcycles. Production started in 1957 with the revolutionary Type 501 and ended eventually in the mid-60s after morphing into a communist dream three-wheeled tractor called the Type 505. During this period Čezeta's was celebrated as the 'Soviet world's Vespa', their rocket-ship aerodynamics showing an eternally confident vision of riding to the stars.

Over 115,000 Čezeta have been sold throughout the world, many still in use to this day as proof to their legendary construction quality. The current evolution of the series - Type 506 - is faithful to this heritage of quality craftsmenship and the iconic style, whilst bringing Čezeta into the 21st century with the latest in electric vehicle technologies.

Neil Smith on a Cezeta type 506
Type 506 Constructor - Neil Eamonn Smith - Prague, 2017

We challenge convention, it is the solution to how we make progress. The continued success of Čezeta is down to you, the future owners who are confident to show that when it comes to living your life, you are also finding pleasure in something altogether different.



Our Promises to You

cezeta scooter history

Bohemian style

We like different, we hate convention. A Čezeta is instantly distinguishable with its trademarked rocket design idiom and silhouettes. It is a manifestation of Prague's Bohemian style and a rare attitude to life, composed specifically for you.

cezeta scooter history

Thrilling performance

Everything is automated on a Čezeta so you can focus on blissful riding pleasure. Only motorcycles offer a way to truly transform your journeys by having your senses engaged, your pulse excited, a spark in your eye and a smile on your face.

cezeta scooter heritage

Reliably reliable

We offer the opposite of 'planned obsolescence'... we only ever want to sell you one Čezeta and we hope it lasts you a lifetime.


  "Forget the Model S. We want this electric scooter instead."  Outside magazine