Designed for the Experience

Effortless enjoyment, this is the Čezeta philosophy. It comes from the person who created the first scooter to bear the Čezeta name: Jaroslav František Koch. He was an adventurer, a motorcycle racer, and a supreme engineer, and he put these experiences into the concepts that defined the first Čezeta, called the Type 501.

Instantly recognisable, its aerodynamic streamlining captured the spirit of the 'space age' and conjured up dreams of riding a rocket to the stars. For Czechoslovaks, the distinctive rounded front inspired the affectionate nickname of 'The Pig'.

Everyone was charmed by its looks and his Čezeta was a hit all over the Soviet world during the time of the cold war. Being deemed too technologically advanced to export to the western world they remained rare in other countries outside the Soviet bloc - apart from New Zealand which was a favourite destination of the communist elite families and was granted an exception to build the so-called 'NZeta'.

Fast forward to today and Čezeta continues as a small-series custom manufacturer from its factory in Prostějov. British tech millionaire Neil Eamonn Smith designed and funded the development of the latest model - the Type 506 - and after 3 years of research and development, it became an instant hit with collector's because of its provenance as the Czech Republic's first road-legal electric vehicle. Thus begins another chapter in the story of the Czech's beloved pig; smarter, cleaner and leaner than ever.


Neil Smith on a Cezeta type 506
Neil Eamonn Smith
JF Koch
Jaroslav František Koch

Thousands of Journeys. One Way to Get There.

Neil Eamonn Smith

"If you only ever buy one Čezeta and use it for all your life's journeys, then I'll be a very happy man! Cheap low-quality engineering, or even worse planned obsolescence, are a shocking way to use our precious limited resources... we simply have to stop our wasteful consumerism and think more about what future generations will need. I don't think this change in attitude is difficult to achieve, or that it will take much time. You just have to ask yourself one question - do you think our children want to inherit beautifully-made environmentally-friendly products, or mountains of junk?"

"Because good things should continue"

Čezeta's Workshops

Čezeta's workshops are located in the historic Wikov factory in Prostějov, Czech Republic. In the 1930s this was home to Czechoslovakia's first luxury car manufacturer and the original workshops include specially-built facilities for welding, painting, assembly and testing. In the same complex we support a local mechanical engineering school where we train the next generation of Čezeta craftsmen.

Čezeta's newly restored 'Wikov' factory in Prostějov, Czech Republic.


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Martin Parák


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Vít Přecechtěl

How to find our Workshops

We are close to the centre of Prostějov, a few minutes off the D46 motorway (Exit 24) north of Brno. Parking is available directly in the factory yard.