We are looking for worldwide partners

It is clear that electric motorcycles have a big part to play in future transport needs as people move from combustion engine power to better forms of transport.

We believe that now is the ideal time for new companies to enter the EV market, and with this intention in mind we are seeking to build a network of Čezeta Authorised Partners in order to supply customers with sales and/or repair services.

What we want

We expect some knowledge of EV technologies and experience in running a commercial business. Local language skills are essential for each territory as well as start-up capital of approximately €30.000 in funding for building stock and marketing activities. Minimum order quantity is from 1/month depending on the territory. Additional funds for premises and staff are optional depending on your existing situation. Finally, you must be competant in English - all company communication is in English, but if you're reading this then you know that!

Where we are looking

We welcome partnership proposals from anywhere in the world. However, specifically we want exclusive dealers for the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

What we offer

We offer exclusivity for the country territory and use of the country-domain website that will IP-redirect all customers to your regional website. Currently we have the following domains available:

cezeta.co.uk, cezeta.es, cezeta.fr, cezeta.it, cezeta.ch, cezeta.nl, cezeta.be, and cezeta.dk.

For Service Partners, technical training and spare parts for warranty and maintenance will be available. English manuals will be supplied and mobile support offered where needed.

We envisage partners offering other products and services in addition to motorcycle sales to generate income. Significant high-margin profit is expected from financing, rentals, insurance, parts sales, accessories, Čezeta merchandising and annual checkups.

We will provide full support for marketing and merchandising and grant dealers exclusive rights to their territory to help achieve their sales target.

We plan to increase production significantly in the medium-term, offering growth in line with the projected increase in the electric vehicle market.

Interested in becoming a Čezeta dealer?

We are currently developing a full information package for potential partners, including legal terms of co-operation. If you would like to receive this information, then please email or call our CEO on neil@cezeta.com with some details about yourself and we will get back in touch with our Partner information pack.

Thanks for your interest in Čezeta!