Test riders wanted!Type 507 electric scooter

Limited-edition of only six 'Zero series' scooters being built for testing in 2024 by DEVS®
  • 100km/h top speed
  • 180km city range
  • 3.3kW fast charging
  • modern design with large storage
  • workshop in Prague for expert support
  • still awaiting final bodywork design (which may be retro-fitted)
  • from only 145 000 Kč incl. tax


Extremely lightweight and with a powerful 8-11kW mid-motor, it's as much fun as you can have on 2-wheels with a car B licence.


With a range up to 180km in the city and recharging in just 2 hours, you could easily go 500km in a day.


We're developing lots of useful accessories such as Carplay monitor, speakers and luggage to make like 'a car on two wheels'.

Test rides every Friday during summer

only ID needed, no credit card, no risk

press, start, go

remote start is built into the alarm, and no gears or clutch means just twist and go without anything more to do.

connect and monitor

connect with the onboard electronics to monitor the battery, improve usage, share reports.

Czech-made battery

Protected by custom electronics and guaranteed to last with local expert service for repairs and upgrades.

electric scooter

Czechia since 1957

The Cezeta story began (as all good ones do) with a communist government order. In 1950, Vespas and Lambrettas were imported, dissected and studied as inspiration to fulfil their concept of a 'car on two wheels'. Seven years later the first Cezeta Type 501 was released and subsequently over 100,000 scooters were manufactured. After a long dormant period, the brand relaunched in 2017 with a 60th anniversary electric-powered Type 506 (the Czech Republic's first EV). Following on from its success, we're now testing an entirely new Type 507 model.

first pre-war plans for a Cezeta scooter
Interested in Cezeta's history?
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first scooter Vlastovka from constructor JF Koch First Cezeta prototype K1 from 1952 test riding Cezeta in the 1950s Cezeta type 503 prototype (never in production) Cezeta were exported all over the world Cezeta was always built to be practical the Druzeta side car (with constructor JF Koch)
electric cezeta type 506 electric power for high performance!