Type 506

Rebirth of an Icon

Designed in 1957 at the height of the spage age, the Čezeta has been brought back to life 60 years later in a contemporary Type 506 version that combines the best in high technology with the iconic aesthetics of the original motorcycle. More than just a collector's 'must have', it's a motorcycle for everyday use that will excite your emotions with its stunning looks and sophisticated technologies.
The Type 506 is a very special limited-series of 2.000 electric-powered Čezeta, released to mark the 60th Anniversary of its launch in 1957. It will be the last 'classic' style Čezeta manufactured before the design is retired in 2021 and a new modernised Čezeta Type 507 will be launched.

Type 506 Highlights

120-150 km

Long Range

A giant 6kWh Panasonic® Lithium battery pack gives a world's best range for an electric scooter. The powerful 1.8kW universal charger (110V-240V) allows a quick top up anywhere there is a household socket. All operations are protected by Čezeta's computer systems for maximum convenience and safety.

120 km/h

High Speed

The 11kW custom hub motor delivers the torque of a sports bike making the 506 amongst the fastest scooters in the world. Our unique 'sway' throttle, profile selector and outstanding braking systems ensure the ride is perfectly blended into one seamless confidence-inspiring experience.

50 yrs

Built The Čezeta Way

Designed, manufactured and assembled in-house to the finest standards of workmanship and quality. Completed using high-quality European components from Sevcon, Rizoma and Beringer. Čezeta's legendary reputation for build quality means every 506 should last a lifetime.


Class A1, equivalent to a 125cc scooter, can be ridden without taking full motorcycle licence depending on local laws.


Length: 200 cm / Wheelbase: 134 cm / Seat Height: 78 cm / Light height: 15 cm/ Seat length: Big to have space to carry your lover. Wheels: 130/90-13/ Weight without battery: 115 kg/ Weight with battery: 137 kg (506/01) / 147 kg (506/02)


506/01 nominal 5.7kW / boost 8kW offers acceleration 0-50 km/h in 4.5 seconds and top speed of 85km/h (equivalent to a 125cc scooter). 506/02 nominal 9.2kW / boost 11kW offers acceleration 0-50 km/h in just 2.7 seconds and top speed of 120 km/h (equivalent to a 250cc scooter).


Čezeta battery pack uses the proven high performance Panasonic 18650 cells (same as Tesla) integrated with the Čezeta Battery Management System. The 506/01 features a 4kWh capacity pack with a nominal voltage of 84V offering a typical range of 80 km -100 km. The 506/02 features the 50% larger 6kWh pack with a nominal voltage of 84V offering a typical range of 120 km -150 km.

Iconic design

The Čezeta's soft organically flowing contours originated with the aerodynamics of the 1950s as a testament to the 'space age' rocket aesthetics of the time. The Type 506 continues this obsessions with aerodynamics and a level of agility and precision that defines its character – fun performance.

Advanced Engineering

The 506's frame, forks, brakes and electronics have all been developed by Čezeta's engineers in-house. The goal is to make its operation as controllable and automated as possible.

Profile Selector

Designed and manufactured by Čezeta, our unique profile selector provides a choice of motor options to suit your mood, up to a sporty 11kW. There's even a reverse to make moving the Čezeta easy in all directions.

Sway Throttle

Another patented innovation by Čezeta, this is the best way ever to control a motorcycle. Roll it back to accelerate and roll it forward to brake - and recuperate energy back to the battery.

Tailored Craftsmanship

Every Čezeta is hand made to order at our factory in the Czech Republic using our own manufacturing, together with the highest quality components from European manufacturers such as Rizoma, Beringer, Michelin, Smiths and Sevcon. We are not a mass market producer. Our goal is always is to craft something unique, tailored just for you.

Test rides // 50€ per hour

Test rides are available around Prague's 'old town'. Please contact us on to make an appointment.
One person per bike. Helmet and gloves are provided (or bring your own). Sturdy shoes, jacket and trousers recommended. Minimum age 18, driving licence class A, A1, A2 or B. We provide insurance with waiver. Full briefing given prior to departure in English or Czech. Full terms and conditions here (pdf).

Please email:,
or call the Čezeta Sales Office 9h - 17h on
+420 224 241 532

After-Sales service

Our aim is to provide the best service possible for you and your Čezeta. We do this is by offering a 'Čezeta At Home' repair and maintenance service. This ensures a quick and seamless service where we send a Mobile Service Engineer to service and maintain your Čezeta quickly and conveniently from the comfort of your own residence at no extra charge.

Included in the price

2-years / 40,000 km

(whichever comes sooner) parts and labour.

1-year Europ Assistance breakdown assistance or recovery of scooter to a Čezeta Authorised Service Partner and for rider and passenger taxi up to 50 km plus train/bus onward journey home as required.

1-year 24/7 Personal Assistant (concierge assistance) for everything you might need arranging.

Extended warranty

Available as an option with a longer time period in lieu of the Standard Warranty for repairs only:


5-years/80 000 km

(whichever comes sooner) parts and labour.


5-years/100 000 km

(whichever comes sooner) parts and labour.


Unlike traditional petrol motorcycles, an electric one requires none of the oil changes, fuel filters, spark plugs or emission checks that are part of servicing - and even brakes are less worn through the Sway throttle. Instead, we recommend that you arrange an annual general inspection of your vehicle by a local mechanic to ensure the safety of your Čezeta. Please note that your warranty will not be affected if you choose not to arrange such inspections.

Recommended work is usually around an hour and concentrates on: tyre condition and alignment, brake check and brake fluid replacement, electrical system safety check, mechanical review of the frame and bearings, upgrades to your Čezeta's software and valet service.

We have a series of online videos to assist your mechanic in all the recommended tasks.

Authorised Partners

Our Čezeta Authorised Partners are capable of providing local support for registration, maintenance and parts.
Please contact if you wish to join this network.

Questions & Answers

The most common enquiries are answered below.
If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


1. Where can I buy a Čezeta?

The Čezeta is available to buy in European countries. Registration and warranty conditions vary according to which country you are resident in. Exporting the Type 506 into different markets outside the EU is not supported by Čezeta at the current moment.

2. How do I buy my Čezeta?

Please contact us on about availability and prices.


3. What is the warranty?

The Type 506 is supplied with a Standard warranty of 2-years / 40,000 km (506/01 and 506/02), or an optional Extended warranty of 5-years / 80,000 km (506/01) or 5-years / 100,000 km (506/02).


4. What maintenance is required?

Your Čezeta Type 506 requires no oil changes, fuel filters, spark plugs or emission checks. Instead we intend to offer an optional annual Maintenance Inspection of your vehicle with an Authorised Partner who will implement any available upgrades that improve your Čezeta.


5. What licence do I need?

The Type 506 is rated in European class "A1" (up to 11 kW power), which means that it is generally possible to ride it with a car licence in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Latvia, Spain, Poland and Portugal. Other countries like Austria, France and the UK require a 1-day basic training course without test. Each country has its own conditions and if in doubt please contact us for advice or check with your local driving authorities.

6. What about insurance?

In the EU, insurance is done in the same way as with any other vehicle, and available from all major providers. It is usually very cheap, for example the current year insurance cost in the Czech Republic is the equivalent of €33 per year, depending on age and history.

7. Can I ride on the motorway?

Yes, with your A1 licence.


8. How much does fuel cost?

When charged at home at night, the fuel cost (electricity) of a Cezeta Type 506 is approximately 50% less than a 125 cc scooter with an engine fuelled by petrol. This is equivalent to less than €1 for 100km.


8. How do I charge the scooter?

Simply plug in the charging cable provided into the scooter's on-board charger and the other end into any standard 220-240V household socket. Charging is completely automatic, and will stop when charging is completed.

9. How long does it take to charge the battery pack?

The Type 506 charges at a rate of 42 km per hour from a domestic 220-240v socket.

10. How do I know when to charge the battery pack?

There is a meter in the instrument panel that reads just like a petrol gauge. If you are running low, a red warning light will flash.

11. Are the batteries safe?

The battery pack uses proven Panasonic 18650 Li-ion cells (the same cells as used by Tesla), proven safe and recyclable cells.

12. How big is the battery pack?

You have a choice of 4 kWh or 6 kWh.

13. What is the performance of the battery packs?

The Type 506/01 has an EU-homologation tested range of 80km, a top speed of 85 km/h and acceleration 0-50km/h of 4.3 seconds. The Type 506/02 has an EU-homologation tested range of 130km, a top speed of 120 km/h and acceleration 0-50 km/h in 2.3 seconds. Their performance is roughly equivalent to petrol 125cc or 250cc scooters.

14. How long does the battery pack last?

If looked after correctly, tests indicate a peak life of 2000 cycles over 10 years, which is in the range of 200,000 - 300,000km depending on the size of the pack. During this time, its capacity (and range) falls by around 20%, but of course it remains useable in the bike or maybe recycled into eg. a home power storage unit. The pack is maintenance free.


15. Does the Čezeta make any noise?

It is much quieter than a traditional scooter. Hard throttle applications (drag race starts) produce a low "growl" for a short distance, then the bike is quiet except for the sound of the motor and tyres and the wind as you ride. For city use, use of the optional bluetooth speakers fitted to the bike may assist you to alert people to your presence.

16. Can I carry a passenger?

The Type 506 is 2 metres long and with a long wheelbase comes a long saddle, so there is plenty of room for a passenger. Ladies and Scottish gents may sit comfortably sideways on the rear to preserve their modesty.

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