After 3 years in development, the new Čezeta Type 506 is being released for the 60th Anniversary of the start of this beautifully iconic series of bikes. The new 506 is full of new ideas that point to the future of Čezeta.

250 km
Amazing range
A range up to 150 km, extendable to 250 km*. Recharge from the comfort of home from any 110V-240V AC socket with powerful 1.8kW built-in charger.
110 km/h
Easy to control power
Whilst it is very fast, patented technology gives easy and precise control of the high torque making for a thrilling ride.

50 yrs
Quality engineering
Čezeta is designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic using high quality materials with the aim of a lifetime of trouble-free fun.
*using the Čezeta touring trailer, to be introduced later in 2017

A design legend

Čezeta (pronounced Chuh-zeh-tuh) is the most iconic Czech motorcycle. A celebration of individuality, independence and the pursuit of pleasure since 1957, Čezeta remains the most chic companion on Prague's city streets and parks. The 506 is made for new adventures.

Creating new ways

The elegant new Type 506 retains the aerodynamic torpedo design of all Čezeta whilst making many substantial improvements to the ride. Most notably, the hot petrol engine is replaced with a much cooler 11kW electric motor giving emission-free high-performance fun.

Quality guaranteed

Čezeta scooters are hand-made with love and patience at our factory in the Czech Republic using only high quality components and materials. The 60th-Anniversary Series have full EU road-registration.

Introducing the Čezeta Sway™ throttle

The unique 2-way Čezeta Sway™ throttle delivers exceptional control of the bike under braking, whilst the kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) provides up to 15% free additional miles from the recuperative braking.

Introducing the Dynamics™ selector

The unique Čezeta Dynamics™ selector provides a choice of programmable performance options with different torque levels: full power, city and rain. There is also a reverse setting to make moving the Čezeta easy in any direction.


It is beauty, quality and simplicity of use reflected in every detail.

The Čezeta Type 506 is sold with a Standard Warranty for 2-years / 40,000 km (506/01 and 506/02), or for total peace of mind an optional Extended Warranty for 5-years / 80,000 km (506/01) or 5-years / 100,000 km (506/02). We also include 1-year complimentary Europ Assistance breakdown and recovery and for your pleasure we provide a 1-year 24/7 Personal Assistant concierge service.