The Delightful & Peculiar
Čezeta Scooter

Handmade in the Czech Republic and loved by a tiny number of owners around the world, Čezeta offers Motorcycle Scooter engineering of the highest quality.
Our new model is a GLORIOUS electric scooter with easy-handling and fully-automatic control.
We've called it the TYPE 506 and it's available for order.

Video introducing Type 506

Exceptional Scooter

200 km

Usable RANGE

Using Panasonic® batteries (up to 8.5kWh) and Čezeta custom-made electronics, gives a realistic range up to 200km.

120 km/h


The 506 accelerates rapidly using its 11kW electric motor and the top speed is good FOR HIGHWAYS.



TUV-certified road homologation in Class A1 (like a 125cc) and legal to register for road use in all EU countries. We can modify for a 45km/h moped version in Class AM.


Class A1 (equivalent to a 125cc scooter), can be ridden in Czech Republic and some other EU countries with a car licence. Class AM with limited 45km/h top speed available.


Length: 200 cm / Wheelbase: 134 cm / Seat Height: 78 cm / Light height: 50 cm/ Seat length: 70cm. Big to have space to carry your lover. Wheels: 110/90 (F) and 130/90 (R) -R13/ Weight without battery: 115 kg/ Weight with battery: 137 kg (506/01) / 147 kg (506/02 and /03) / 155kg (506/04).


506/01 nominal 5.7kW / boost 8kW offers acceleration 0-50 km/h in 5.5 seconds and top speed of 85km/h (equivalent to a 125cc scooter). 506/02 nominal 9.2kW / boost 11kW offers acceleration 0-50 km/h in just 4.5 seconds and top speed of 120 km/h (equivalent to a 250cc scooter). The bigger battery versions /03 and /04 offer slightly reduced versions of these figures.


Čezeta battery pack uses the proven high performance Panasonic 18650 cells (same as Tesla) integrated with the Čezeta Battery Management System. The 506/01 features a 4kWh capacity pack with a nominal voltage of 84V offering a typical range of 70 km-100 km. The 506/02 and 506/03 feature the 50% larger 6kWh pack with a nominal voltage of 84V offering a typical range of 100 km-150 km. The 506/04 features a 8.5kWh pack with a nominal voltage of 84V offering a typical range of 140 km-200 km.

QUALITY that lasts

Čezeta (pronounced Chuh-zeh-tuh) was launched in 1957 at the time of Yuri Gagarin and Soviet lunar travel, Čezeta's creator was JAROSLAV FRANTIŠEK KOCH, a renowned motorcycle racer and engineer. An Artist, he worked with his BRAINS and HANDS, and built a revolutionary scooter called the "TYPE 501". Thousands were sold from Cuba to Vietnam, each one an engineering masterpiece. A few are still used today, giving Čezeta the recognition by the motorcycle industry across the world as having scooters of the Very Finest Quality.

Small-minded production

"No other scooter
looks like it, because
no other scooter
is made like it.

In our opinion, there are thousands of scooters that are "NORMAL", which is why Čezeta follows its own road. The meticulous attention to detail by LOCAL engineers is evident in every beautiful handmade scooter we produce. The process is quite costly and expensive - but when you finally see one, for sure the SMILE on your face will make it all worth it."

Questions & ANSWERS


1. Where can I buy a Čezeta 506?

Please contact Typical production time is 8-10 weeks and there is a waiting list.

2. Where do you deliver to?

The 506 has EU homologation and is road legal in all EU countries and Switzerland. We can deliver to other countries, subject to some conditions regarding registration and after-sales service.


3. What is the warranty?

The Type 506 is supplied with a Standard warranty of 2-years / 40,000 km (506/01 - 506/04), or an optional Extended warranty of 5-years / 80,000 km (4kWh) or 5-years / 100,000 km (6kWh and 8.5kWh).


4. What maintenance is required?

An electric motorcycle requires no oil changes, fuel filters, spark plugs or emission checks. Instead we offer an optional annual Maintenance Inspection of your vehicle with an Authorised Partner (where available) who will implement any available upgrades that improve your Čezeta.


5. What licence do I need?

The Type 506 is in European class "L3e-A1" (up to 11 kW power). It is possible to ride it with a car licence in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and several other European states. Other countries like Austria, France and the UK require a 1-day basic training course without test. Each country has its own conditions and if in doubt please contact your local driving authorities.

6. What about insurance?

In the EU, insurance is done in the same way as with any other vehicle, and available from all major providers. It is usually cheap, for example the current year insurance cost in the Czech Republic is the equivalent of €150 per year, depending on age and history.

7. Can I ride on the motorway?

Yes, with your A1 licence.


8. How much does it cost to run?

It costs €0.80 for 100km, about 1/10th of the cost of running a diesel car. It's probably the cheapest way to travel around apart from a bicycle.


9. How do I charge the scooter?

Plug in the charging cable provided into the scooter's on-board charger and the other end into any standard 120-240V household socket. Charging is completely automatic, and will stop when charging is completed.

10. How long does it take to charge the battery pack?

It charges at a rate of 42 km per hour from a domestic 220-240v socket. Lower voltages will be proportionally slower.

11. How do I know when to charge the battery pack?

There is a meter in the instrument panel that reads just like a petrol gauge. If you are running low, a warning light will flash and we recommend you switch to the slowest mode.

12. Are the batteries safe?

The battery pack uses Panasonic 18650 Li-ion cells (the same cells as used by Tesla), proven safe and recyclable cells with long lifetimes when properly operated.

13. How big is the battery pack?

You have a choice of 4 kWh, 6 kWh or 8.5kWh.

14. What are the ranges of the battery packs?

Roughly speaking, the smallest 4kWh battery will give an AVERAGE of around 85km, the 6kWh gives 125km and the 8.5kWh about 170km. These figures are highly variable depending on the weight of the rider, terrain, temperature, wind and speed.

15. How long does the battery pack last?

If looked after correctly, tests indicate a peak life of 2000 cycles over 10 years, which is in the range of 200,000 - 300,000km depending on the size of the pack. During this time, its capacity (and range) falls by around 20%, but of course it remains useable in the bike or maybe recycled. The pack contains electronic management systems and is maintenance free.


16. Does the Čezeta make any noise?

Practically nothing, there isn't even a drive belt to make noise, just the wind as you ride. For city use, use of the optional bluetooth speaker is useful to assist you alerting people to your presence.

17. Can I carry a passenger?

Yes, it's a limousine scooter with a long saddle and running boards so there is plenty of room for a passenger. Where the law allows, ladies and Scottish gents may sit comfortably sideways on the rear to preserve their modesty.


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"The COOLEST electric scooter on the planet."

- Scooterlab

"A timeless celebration of individuality."

- Designboom

"FORGET TESLA. We want this electric scooter instead."

- Outside magazine

"An icon of the atomic age...retrofuture transportation with thoroughly modern insides."

- BBC Auto

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