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Design Legend

A celebration of eccentricity since 1957, Čezeta (pronounced Chuh-zeh-tuh) was conceived in Czechoslovakia as the Communist world's interpretation of the scooter phenomenon. Just for fun, it was designed to look like a spaceship.

Launched in the 1950s, Čezeta picked up its styling from the fashionable space age look of the time. It's designer was Jaroslav František Koch - a renowned racer and engineer and something of a genius in Czechoslovak motorcycles. He called his first Čezeta scooter the 'Type 501' and it was hailed as an instant classic of the so-called 'Brussels' design movement. It's missile shape exuded sass and sex appeal and made it a massive hit. Over 120,000 were sold to fans from Cuba to Vietnam as the series developed into further models. If it was possible to capture all the excitement of Sputnik, Gagarin and all the modernist wonders of the post war period then this was it. Home in Prague, it got the nickname The Pig... that's not an insult, Czechs really love pigs.

The latest Čezeta is the 'Type 506', which was launched by current-CEO Neil Eamonn Smith in 2018. It is the first EV to be built in the Czech Republic, and one of the first electric scooters to be built anywhere in Europe. The original design is so perfectly evolved that there are minimum changes from it. But underneath it is all new with electric power, new brakes and new suspension, all designed for more fun and easier use. The 'first-series' of the Type 506 was a special-limited edition of 60 bikes, making it the world's rarest production electric scooter. These were quickly sold and now a 'second-series' of the Čezeta Type 506 is planned once new owners and finance are secured.




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Model History

The four manufactured models of Čezeta.



The first model, an icon of the 'Brussels style' of the time.



The second generation brought many new innovations, including a starter motor.



The enduring Čezeta 'rickshaw' was a long-lasting curiosity for farm workers.


S.R.O. from the European Union and Czech Ministry of Industry.

The award to čezeta motors s.r.o. is for introducing product and manufacturing innovation.

S.R.O. Czech Republic.

The award to čezeta motors s.r.o. for best scooter in 2019.