Czechoslovak Design Legend

Čezeta (pronounced Chuh-zeh-tuh) is the most iconic Czech motorcycle. A celebration of individuality, independence and the pursuit of pleasure since 1957, Čezeta remains the most chic companion on Prague's city streets and parks.

The Čezeta started life in 1957 at the height of the space age. Communist Czechoslovakia was a world superpower in motorcycle production and here was an idealogical need to deliver something better than Vespa. The final design was a brave one, a radical rocket design from Jaroslav František Koch - motorcycle racer and engineer. He called it the 'Type 501'.

The Čezeta the Koch created quickly became the iconic scooter design all over the communist world from Cuba to Vietnam. Recognisable for its chic aerodynamic look, it's style captured the excitement of Sputnik, Gagarin and all the starry wonders of the 1950s. Home in Prague, we gave it its nickname The Pig, a fair comprison to the little Vespa, or Wasp.

Its looks charmed the world with over 120,000 being sold. Many vintage models are still in use today as proof of their legendary quality (just check #Cezeta on Instagram) and even today it's design still has the power to astound.

After over 50 years out of production, Neil Eamonn Smith developed and launched a new electric version Type 506 in 2018. It's one of the world's rarest custom electric motorcycles and with unparalleled performance. The announcement video online below states the company's new mission - Because good things should continue.

The Type 506 is the bestselling electric motorcycle in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with the 50th one being delivered in Summer 2018. With the launch of HoppyGo's shared use service, it is now possible for your Type 506 to pay for itself.

A Joy in Life

Neil Eamonn Smith

"I remember the first time I saw a vintage Čezeta. It was making a racket and belching smoke as it climbed up the hill through Vinohrady in Prague. The smoke of course was a terrible sight, but the design is just so bizzarely beautiful, you might even call it the Mona Lisa on wheels because it intrigues just from the way it looks.

I was utterly charmed when I saw it, I had to buy one. Ah, and then I discovered this problem... no one wants to sell their beloved Pigs. So I built one from spare parts and electrical bits, and it was great. Then it all seemed to come together in a whirl. Five years after we had something that was fun and super ecological and could have a profound influence to reshape the way we live.

For sure it will be a very difficult thing to get people out of their petrol cars. We have no choice, but still we don't really want to do it. The problem is always that we can immediately see the cost in our bank accounts. but the benefits for our descendents are unseen. The challenge is somehow to provoke you to change, and it really has to make financial sense. That's where shared use websites like are useful as something like AirBnB for scooters, effectively making it possible to earn money. And to make it even better, we're also helping owners to build fossil-free solar charging stations, meaning you can ride around using free fuel from the sun :) "

Model History

The four manufactured models of Čezeta.



The first model, an icon of the 'Brussels style' of the time.



The second generation brought many new innovations, including a starter motor.



The enduring Čezeta 'rickshaw' was a long-lasting curiosity for farm workers.


S.R.O.(CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/17_109/0011087) is co-financed by the European Union.

The award to čezeta motors s.r.o. is for introducing product and manufacturing innovation in the town of Prostějov in the Olomouc region.