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Archive of Manuals & Guides


Follow the link for Owners' manuals and other repair information for all Čezeta models (Types 501, 502, 505 and 506).


Type 506 Spare Parts


All parts - The entire Type 506 spare parts inventory was bought by Lamkom investment s.r.o., Švabinského 276/1, Pokratice, 412 01 Litoměřice. Company registered number 051 12 095. Company details - https://or.justice.cz/ias/ui/rejstrik-firma.vysledky?subjektId=934967

Bodywork - The rights of the 3d design trademark for the classic vintage Čezeta (and therefore production of Type 506 replacement bodypanels) was bought by Vision Development Way, a.s., U Kamýku 284/11, Kamýk, 142 00 Praha 4. Company registered number 179 99 561. Company details - https://or.justice.cz/ias/ui/rejstrik-firma.vysledky?subjektId=1193732

Battery - The battery was manufactured by Bech Akku (www.akkupower.cz).

General Enquiries


The Čezeta project is owned and developed by DEVS® in Prague. Please feel free to contact them on Instagram at @devs.bike or by email to mail@devs.bike.


INNOVATION – TYPE 506 from the European Union and Czech Ministry of Industry.

The award for introducing product and manufacturing innovation.


The award for best scooter in 2019.