Our aim is to provide the BEST SERVICE POSSIBLE for you and your Čezeta. We do this is by offering a 'Čezeta At Home' repair and maintenance service. This ensures a QUICK and SEAMLESS service where we send a Mobile Service Engineer to service and maintain your Čezeta quickly and conveniently from the comfort of your own residence at no extra charge. Our service time is typically 14 days.

Included in the Price

2-years / 40,000 km

(whichever comes sooner) parts & labour.

1-year Europ Assistance breakdown assistance or recovery of your scooter to a Čezeta Authorised Service Partner and for rider and passenger taxi up to 50 km plus train/bus onward journey home as required.

1-year 24/7 Personal Assistant (concierge assistance) for EVERYTHING you might need arranging.

Extended Warranty

Available as an option with a longer time period in lieu of the Standard Warranty FOR REPAIRS ONLY:


5-years/80 000 km

(whichever comes sooner) parts and labour.

6 & 8.5kWh

5-years/100 000 km

(whichever comes sooner) parts and labour.

EASY Maintenance

Unlike traditional petrol motorcycles, an electric one requires NONE of the oil changes, fuel filters, spark plugs or emission checks that are part of servicing - and even brakes are less worn through use of our Sway throttle. Instead, we recommend that you arrange an annual general inspection of your vehicle by a local mechanic to ensure the safety of your Čezeta. Please note that your warranty will not be affected if you choose not to arrange such inspections.

RECOMMENDED WORK is usually around an hour and concentrates on: tyre condition and alignment, brake check and brake fluid replacement, electrical system safety check, mechanical review of the frame and bearings, upgrades to your Čezeta's software and valet service.

We have a series of online videos to assist your mechanic in all the recommended tasks.

LOCAL Service Partners

We will normally send a Čezeta mobile service engineer to service and maintain your Type 506 from the comfort of your own home, but in the RARE event that we should not be able to come to you, then you may use one of our Čezeta partners. Our aim is to expand this network of service locations to EVERY COUNTRY. If extensive work is required, we are HAPPY to arrange transport of your Čezeta to/from our workshop in the Czech Republic.